Welcome to Wokingham Netball Club

where players who have a love and enthusiasm for playing netball are warmly invited to come along and join in.

The first thing you realise is that the players who proudly call Wokingham their club and pull on the recognisable red hoodie, are as much friends as team mates; who enjoy the benefits of a busy club social agenda, a competitive calendar and some of the best coaching in the county.

At Wokingham you know you’re part of a successful club, with teams at all levels, but no divide.  Starting from the youngest – U8/U9 members who are learning the basic skills needed to play netball, up to the Berkshire Premier and Bracknell League teams, there is something for everyone.  We now also run Development sessions for our juniors from U11 to U17 (school years 6 to 12) to enable us to allow more juniors to enjoy their netball without the pressure of having to trial.  All our Club members continue to improve which makes them all incredibly proud of what they’re achieving.

At every level, every age, every background, you feel you belong and are part of something special.  Every member is supportive and openly celebrates each others success on and off court.  More advanced players offer advice, support and coaching for those that seek it and club members always make themselves available for teams that are struggling to field a team.  Wokingham is a great club to not only become a better netballer, but to also meet some fantastic friends along the way!