Tracey Doran-Carter – Bracknell Seniors

Carter Tracey

I am an extremely enthusiastic and motivated player and committee member. As a club member for more than 10 years, I have played for the South region team and continue to play for the Berkshire Premier league teams. As a level 2 coach since 2009 and C award umpire I also coach Bracknell Seniors on Tuesday evenings.

Kayleigh Sutton – Bracknell Seniors

I joined Wokingham in 2015 after 10 years at my previous club. I have played at a very high standard including county, Prem div 1 and even got trials for the England development squad when I was 19. I spent 6 months playing and coaching in the NSW State League in Sydney, Australia and was privileged to play in a mixed social league with half of the NSW men’s team. Although I am still working towards my level 2 qualification I have been coaching since 2003.

Jacqui Cossar – U19/Premier Seniors and U12/U13 Red Squads

I have played Netball for the best part of 35 years and it has always been a big part of my life. I started my netball career at Wokingham Netball Club with Pat Harper when I was 13 years old. I achieved selection at county level for both junior and senior, south region selection and U21 England Squad.

When I was 21 I moved clubs and joined Tongham Netball Club where I played National League Division 1 for 10 years. I now play for a local team in the Berkshire Premier League just for fun and continue to be an enthusiastic player.

I have always coached during my career and bring a wealth of knowledge of how to play at the highest level. However I only did my coaching Level 2 a couple of years ago so that I could move on with my coaching.

I am now currently the senior coach for the U19/Seniors teams both who play in the Berkshire Premier League. In this role I regularly look to update my coaching knowledge through attendance at all England workshops where international coaches share their expertise, alongside attending satellite sessions. My goal is to take both Wokingham squads back to the South Region Level that I believe they can both achieve but also to ensure that all the players enjoy the game along the way as much as I have during the years.

Christa Heydon – U19/ Premier Seniors Squads

I started coaching at University when I took on the 1st team captaincy and management of the University netball club. I joined Wokingham shortly after University and subbed for the National league squad, played in South Region squad, Premier league and Bracknell division 1. I qualified as a Level 2 coach in summer 2009

Over the years I have coached Wokingham juniors from U12s through to U17s. I co-coached and played South Region division 2. Outside of the club I was Assistant Coach for the U14 development academy for a year. I also have my talent pathway accreditation, which allows me to nominate players for satellite and academy trials.

It is important as a coach to develop and learn from others, so I have attended a number of Surrey Storm coaching sessions led by Tamsin Greenway. I was a delegate at the first “Make the Games”. I am a season ticket holder at Surrey Storm and watch England internationals as often as possible.

Ronnie Bowes – U14/U16 Red Squads

Netball has been part of my life since an early age. I achieved selection at county level and continue to be an enthusiastic player and coach. Since joining Wokingham in 1990 I have been an active member both playing and coaching to support future generations. I have coached various teams through from youngsters to South Region as well as back to netball ladies. I am also a qualified C umpire.

Along with being an active participant on the Wokingham Committee as the Co-ordinating coach of the club I have also been Chair of the Berkshire Premier league. I am currently the senior coach for the U14/U16 Red team. In this role I regularly look to update my coaching knowledge through attendance at all England workshops where international coaches share their expertise, alongside attending satellite sessions. I play regularly both in Berkshire Premier league and the Bracknell League My goal has always been to bring my love and passion for the game to as wide an audience as possible.

Lisa Phillips – U14/U16 Red Squads

My passion for netball started in Secondary school. I had a great PE teacher who introduced me to the sport. I played for a few local teams until I got involved with Wokingham netball club. I have been involved with Wokingham for over 25 years. Playing for the club has given me so many opportunities. I have played for Wokingham in the Berkshire premier division, South Region division, National Clubs and represented Berkshire County. The highlight of my netball has to be representing my work team in an International airline tournament playing in New Zealand as captain. I became a Coach as I wanted to give back to the club some of the time it has invested in me. I have coached U9, and ,U10 and now help out with the U14 /U16 age group . My goal is to share my love and passion for the sport with the younger players of the club.

Updates coming soon – U14/U16 Blue Squads

Updates coming soon- U12/U13 Blue Squads

Kerry Adamson – U12/U13 Blue Squads

Kerry AdamsonMy daughter joined Wokingham Netball Club in 2012 and I soon become involved, along with other great mums, as Team Manager for her age group. Having been heavily immersed in sports from an early age as a gymnast, it came naturally to me to want to support and pass on my skills and knowledge to the girls in relation to structure, fitness and emotional strength. A natural progression was to qualify for my Level 1 coaching certificate to gain a better technical understanding and I am looking forward to working with the amazing team at Wokingham in assisting the ongoing success of the club.

Sophie Rowse – U11 Squads

I have been a member of Wokingham netball club for 6 years now and I am currently playing in one of the senior teams. I qualified for my level 2 netball award at the start of the year and I am now coaching the under 11’s. I hope to share my love for the sport and help develop the younger generations of the club.

Hannah Gray – U11 Squads

I started playing netball for Wokingham 5 years ago; I played in the junior leagues and with the Wokingham senior south team. Now I am the captain of the U19 team in the Berkshire premier league. I coached the U10 age group last year and following that I have done my Level 1 coaching qualification and now coach the U11 age group. I hope to do my Level 2 coaching qualification soon and continue to coach and make sure that the girls enjoy playing netball.

Pat – Minis, U9 and U10 Squads

I have always enjoyed ball games and started netball when I was 11yrs old. I played for school then club, & county ( Middlesex and then Berkshire.) Netball was relatively unknown here when I came and clubs were only small. There was a Bracknell and District league and we played on the factory car parks. I started WNC in 1970 and coached because no one else wanted to! I have always enjoyed the mental as well as physical challenge of the game.

I have coached all age groups from minis to seniors at club, County and Regional level. I was a founder member of the South Region Coaching Association and coached the Talent squads.

I have attended a vast number of coaching courses and attended national conferences. I have completed all of the Level 3 modules. I love to see players progress and extend their abilities. I hope that I encourage their interest sufficiently to allow them to go on to be good players, umpires, and coaches and to continue to spread an enjoyment of the game to the next generation. I have never believed that winning is the only reason for playing.

Gemma Dawson – U9/U10 Squads

gemmadawsonI have been playing for Wokingham for 5 years now and have recently qualified for my Level 1 in Coaching. I know help out with the U9/U10 squads. I look forward to coaching our younger members and sharing the fun and enjoyment of netball. I also currently play for the U19’s and the seniors in the Bracknell Premier League.